The Insitute - Oasis of Failure


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TV-Series on Magenta TV/BR
Director: Markus Sehr
Cast: Christina Große, Rainer Reiners, Nadja Bobyleva, Robert Stadtlober, Swetlana Schönfeld, Omar El-Saeidi et al.
Production: Novafilm Fernsehproduktion by order of Magenta TV, BR, NDR, WDR
Broadcast from August 1st, 2019


At the end of the world and in the heart of darkness, six brave employees of an Insitute for German Language and Culture try to interest the people of Kisbekistan for Germany – in spite of the bombs, the dust and the lack of interest.
The series are set in the fictious land Kisbekistan: bombed by the Brits, Soviets and the Mujaheddin, plagued by conflicts, corruption and cholera. And in the middle of this chaos the Institute for German Language and Culture: blackboards filled with anomalous verbs, posters of the castle of Neuschwanstein and busts of Goethe – an German oasis in this dry Central Asia. Six cultural warriors fight their way through everyday life and occasionally drop an intercultural brick or two, or cause a friendly explosion. Or both, on bad days.

In the first series you could already see me as Dutch ambassador Bas. It was time to kick-off!
Now the second series are shot and the Dutch Embassy returns to the Institute ... to seek asylum!

Broadcast on Magenta TV:
From the 1st of August 2019
All episodes of the first series are still available in the BR media library.


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