WaPo Duisburg


WaPo Duisburg


Fernsehserie ARD/WDR
Director: Christine Rogoll
Cast: Yasemin Cetinkaya, Markus John, Niklas Osterloh, Romy Vreden, Karen Böhne, Stefko Hanushevsky, Karen Dahmen, Marla Fee Lux, Antje Lewald, Richard Gonlag, Sascha Tschorn u.a.

After a jewellery robbery, the WaPo colleagues go on a chase in the harbour. They manage to stop a suspicious ship. But not only the jewel robbers are on board, but also the father of one of the WaPo officers!
He is Dutch and now we can guess who is playing him ...
Episode 5 of »WaPo Duisburg« can be found in the ARD Media Library until 3rd of August 2022.


Theatre Sandbank

25th May 2022 • Premiere »Sandbank« • Spiekeroog • further performances until 19th August

TV Series WaPo Duisburg

Until 3rd of August 2022 • TV Series »WaPo Duisburg« • Episode 5 »Juwelenräuber« • ARD/WDR Mediathek

TV Series The Institute

From February 1st • TV series »The Institute« • German television (ARD/BR)

On Netflix and DVD

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