How to cry


How to cry
© André Simonow

With Çağlar Yiğitoğulları, Johannes Storks, Juliana Oliveira, Lisa Heinrici und Richard Gonlag
Concept, Direction, Script: Bastian Sistig
Concept, Dramaturgy: Hanna Steinmayr
Stage Design: Marie Gimpel
Costume Design: Josephine Hans
Production: Julia Klinkert

A Production by &sistig
Premiere:  2nd of Sept. 2021, TD Berlin


A Story about men and cry.
Further performances from 3rd until 5th of September.
More information and tickets available at Theaterdiscounter or on my project page.


Theatre How to cry

September 2nd • Premiere »How to cry« • Theatre performance by &sistig in TD Berlin

TV Series The Institute

From February 1st • TV series »The Institute« • German television (ARD/BR)

On Netflix and DVD

On Netflix and DVD • Movie »Riphagen« • Pupkin Film