Film still Nr. 10
© Graniet Film

A film by Alex van Warmerdam

Nothing has changed; the world is still the same.
Walk to the end of the street, turn the corner and everything is as it used to be. Or, funny enough, completely different.

NR. 10 is the latest movie from Alex van Warmerdam, after BORGMAN and SCHNEIDER VS. BAX.
A thriller with elements of a black comedy.
Günter, found in a German wood at the age of four, grows up in a foster home. Four decades later he lives a normal life; he earns his money as a stage actor, spends time with his daughter Lizzy and has an affair with a married woman. He only starts asking questions about his background after a strange man on a bridge whispers just one word in his ear.

© Graniet Film


With Tom Dewispelaere, Frieda Barnhard, Hans Kesting, Anniek Pheifer, Dirk Böhling, Mandela Wee Wee, Richard Gonlag, Gene Bervoets, Jan Bijvoet, Liz Snoijink, Pierre Bokma a.o.

Script and Director: Alex van Warmerdam

Cinematography: Tom Erisman

Editor: Job ter Burg

Music: Alex van Warmerdam

Production: Marc van Warmerdam

Premiere: Nederlandse Film Festival Utrecht • 30th of September 2021

No release date for Germany at the moment.