Song recital Istanbul
© Övül Avkıran

A Sezen Aksu song recital by Selen Kara, Torsten Kindermann & Akın Emanuel Şipal.

Let's imagine: The economic miracle took place in Turkey after the Second World War and German guest workers helped to rebuild Turkey. Instead of Bremen, Istanbul was the city that welcomed the newcomers.
With a German-language ensemble and a German-Turkish band, the team is exposing itself to this mind game.

Author Akın Emanuel Şipal has written texts that weave the songs of Sezen Aksu and the ideas of Torsten Kindermann and Selen Kara into a tragicomic story. In German, the story tells of the life situation of the emigrants, and in Turkish, the longing for happiness and home is sung about.
At the centre are the songs of Aksu, the queen of Turkish pop, which accompany three generations of Turkish society worldwide.

© Övül Avkıran


With Richard Gonlag, Nuria Mundry, Kim Pfeiffer, Hasan H. Taşgın

Musician: Martin Lillich, Yurdal Çağlar, Cihangir Aro, Laura De La Riva

Direction: Övül & Mustafa Avkıran

Production Theater 28 e.V.

Premiere: 8th December of 2022
futher performances: January – May 2023

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