Trailer Enthymesis
Trailer »Enthymesis«

Audio drama based on a short story by Arno Schmidt.

A geographic expedition in 230 BC travels from the Mediterranean Sea towards the South, straight into the desert. They carry out measurements and try to find proof that the world is round. Philostratos, their uk-text-leader, wrangles with his role. He feels misunderstood by a world, ruled by greed and envy. Books are his only solace. In an chance encounter with a mysterious Bedouin he hears about the existence of an uninhabited Silver City. From that moment on he only has one goal – finding that place. His cohorts become mutinous. Relieved from his command he walks off into the desert, alone ...

The recording is based on our stage production from 2014.

With the kind support of Arno Schmidt Stiftung and S. Fischer Verlag.


Narrator: Richard Gonlag

Direction: Olaf Jelinski

Music: Ivar van Urk, Munsha

Editing & Sounddesign: Olaf Jelinski, Richard Gonlag

For legal reasons, the entire radio play was only available here until Octobre 13th 2020.