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German only, sorry.
If you're interested in voiceover work and personal coaching, just send me a message. I can tell you all there is to know about the business: commercials, audio guides, radio plays, audio books, image films, unicorns and cannonballs, palaces and piers, trumpets, towers, and tenements, wide oceans full of tears, flag, rags, ferry boats, scimitars and scarves, every precious dream and vision, underneath the stars. (Courtesy of The Waterboys)

»In jedem Ei ein Dings« (or »I am the egg-man«)

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The Workshops will take place at the voice-casting agency speaker-search • Mahlower Straße 23-24 • 12049 Berlin.

Admission and more information: »In jedem Ei ein Dings« 



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