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What matters most in an e-casting?
Very simple: my performance as an actor.
But how do I get to the right performance? The casting scenes often are very short, sometimes even poorly written and character descriptions tend to stay very general. Under these conditions I am supposed to perform in such a way that I leave all my competitors far behind me.

How to begin?
How do I manage to grow above the usual cliché?
The answer is simple: practice and hard work on my skills as an actor, on my craftsmanship.
A clever analysis of the scene and character brings us a long way, it uk-text-leads to playful imagination and creativity. I have to learn how to use my fantasy as a basis to provide my role with a very personal authentic touch.

One other aspect is very important: Type-Casting.
Which types fit to my personality? For which parts am I being considered? Do I have the right image of my "type"?
Together we will try to find the right types for you. Once you've found these, you can learn to optimize their potential and try to intensify them.

Last but not least we will engage ourselves in a very specific genre, the presentation or About-Me-Video.

… and of course there'll be loads of practical tips and a vivid exchange of experiences.


We will work on the weekend, both days from 10am-6pm. (including a 1h break)

Day one

  • introduction, warming-up, excercises (body and voice)
  • scene and character analysis, work on type-casting, hand-out of e-casting scenes to prepare for the next day
  • shoot and evaluation of about-me videos

Day two

  • rehearsal and shoot of e-castings
  • evaluation of the workshops and a Q&A on agencies and their work
Richard Gonlag • Olaf Jelinski • Annett Schlange (red carpet actors)
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