with Jaap de Jonge in the tank barracks Bernau

Jaap de Jonge was my Dutch teacher. (Yes, Dutch, because we need to learn our own language as well.) Not only did he teach me how to speak and write properly, he awoke the love for literature in me as well. He was one of the first to see my potential and my most favourite hours were the ones where he read stories and parts of novels, bringing these words to life.

A couple of years ago we reconnected after a very long time and I made a discovery: Jaap isn't just a very good teacher, but a very talented photographer as well. He makes beautiful work, almost like classical paintings.

In May 2016 we met up for a photoshoot. And because we were thrilled with the results we decided to repeat the experience in August 2017, this time in the abandoned former Soviet tank barracks in Bernau.

© Jaap de Jonge