performance Souvenir 1870
© Das Letzte Kleinod

According to documents by Theodor Fontane and eyewitness accounts

Autumn 1870: During the Franco-Prussian War Theodor Fontane travels through France in the rearguard of the German armies. Following his historical interest, the writer makes a detour to Domrémy, the birthplace of Joan of Arc. There, however, he was arrested under suspicion of espionage. What follows is an involuntary journey that uk-text-leads Fontane through several stops to the fortress of Île d'Oléron on the Atlantic coast.

He later described the experiences of these weeks in his reportage »Kriegsgefangen. Erlebtes 1870«.

This text formed the starting material for the new project of Das Letzte Kleinod. But like Fontane, who despite adverse circumstances reports unbiasedly about the country and its people, Das Letzte Kleinod wanted to meet the local people. So rehearsals were held on the Île d'Oléron, interviews were conducted with its inhabitants. They talked about everyday life in salt production and oyster fishing, but also about memories of the time of the occupation in the 2nd World War.
All this found its way into the theatre project. Various objects from the island - from the oyster basket to the ladder wagon - are transformed within the framework of the production, which takes place in front of and on a car transport wagon and tells of war and peace, of yesterday and today.

A project in the context of the 11th Theatertage of the Landesverband Ost of the Deutscher Bühnenverein in co-production with Staatstheater Cottbus, Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam, Theater der Altmark Stendal, Kleist Forum Frankfurt (Oder) und nB Senftenberg.

© Das Letzte Kleinod at the rehearsals on the Île d'Oléron

© Marlies Kross
general rehearsal in Senftenberg


Company: Robert Eder, Richard Gonlag, Alrun Herbing, Andreas Schulz, Bo-Phyllis Strube, Margarita Wiesner, Michaela Winterstein

Script & Direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen

Musical direction: Manuel Jadue

Light: Alvine Wiedstruck, Archil Svimonishvili

Costume design: Sophia Lund

Production: Hannah Wörpel

Premiere: Senftenberg • 3rd of August 2019 • 6 pm (as part of the Theatertage)

further performances:
Senftenberg • 4th & 7th until 11th of August • 6 pm (as part of the Theatertage)
Cottbus • 13th/14th of August • 8 pm
Rheinsberg • 16th/17th of August • 8 pm
Frankfurt/Oder • 20th until 22nd of August • 8 pm
Potsdam • 25th/26th of August • 8 pm
Stendal • 28th/29th of August • 8 pm
Celle • 31th of August/1st of September • 8 pm
Worpswede • 3rd until 5th of September • 8 pm
Geestenseth • 7th/8th of September • 8 pm
Trailer »Souvenir 1870«
Trailer »Souvenir 1870«


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