PerformingArts Festival 2017
© Dean Bell

»Richtung Dschörmannie« (»Direction Dzjurmanny«)

Three evenings. Five performances. Three premieres. Twenty performers/artists. One exhibition.

For the Performing Arts Festival 2017
At the Club der Polnischen Versager • Ackerstr. 169 • 10115 Berlin-Mitte

On three evenings in June the theatre collective Protokoll B will perform three texts from authors who weren’t born in Germany, but write in German. They’ve had to adopt this language, had to assimilate it, acquire, embrace, incorporate it, in order to put their thoughts to paper for us. They make us look at ourselves with fresh eyes, so we can maybe experience something new – about us, about this new old county Germany and about this strange funny new old language German.

Furthermore, artist Sybille Neumeyer created an exhibition especially for our literature slam, with pictures, drawings and an installation piece.

Evening One


Poetry. A Performance. Premiere.

A carnal anthem, a sensuous song of praise, a testosterone-filled accusation, a needy gladiator combat, an ode, a litany, a prayer for her/him/it.

further information on the project page

Text: Mehdi Moradpour
Director: Richard Gonlag
Actors: Fabian Neupert, Richard Gonlag
Music: Munsha, feat. Dennis Depta
Choreography: 4RUDE

15th June • 7 & 9 pm

Admission: 7€ / 5€
Duration: 40 minutes

Evening Two


Drama. A Reading. Premiere.

A wrecked fizzy scarred family history on war, love and stars.

© Dean Bell Club der Polnischen Versager

Text: Richard Gonlag
Director: Alexander Garms
Actors: Dürten Thielk, Maike Specht, Rasmus Max Wirth, René Erler, Richard Gonlag, Verena Marie Kahler

16th June • 7 pm

Admission: 9€ / 7€
Duration: 90 minutes

Evening Three


Prose. A Reading. Berlin Premiere.

A brain chaos. This text is on a search for the meaning of language, home, vocation, identity. It deals with themes like communication, life stories and the desire for a deeper understanding of oneself and the others.

© Dean Bell Club der Polnischen Versager

Text: Luna Ali
Director: Naomi Boyce
Actors: Carolin Kipka, Dürten Thielk, Anna Tilling
Set and costume design: Inga Aleknaviciute
Production assistance: Hatice Balkaya
Installation: Sybille Neumeyer

17th June • 7 & 9 pm
Panel discussion with the makers after the performance. (Theatre Scouting Programme)

Admission: 7€ / 5€
Duration: 40 minutes



A Sezen Aksu song recital • Project of »Theater28« 2022/23


Children's health cure on Spiekeroog • Project of »Das Letzte Kleinod« 2022

Passenger Processing

the Columbusbahnhof Bremerhaven • Project of »Das Letzte Kleinod« 2021

Nr. 10

A film by Alex van Warmerdam 2021

How to cry

Theatre performance by »&sistig« 2021

Heimat & Fremde

the poet Hermann Allmers • Project of »Das Letzte Kleinod« 2021


Site-specific theatre by »spreeagenten« 2020

Audio Drama Enthymesis

An Audio drama based on Arno Schmidt.

Souvenir 1870

Theatre in the train • Project of »Das Letzte Kleinod« in 2019

»wa/m/s-g« version 2

Performance for two actors

Photoshoot III

with Jaap de Jonge in Wünsdorf near Zossen


Theatre in the train • Project of »Das Letzte Kleinod« in 2018

Photoshoot II

with Jaap de Jonge in the tank barracks Bernau


Performance for two actors

Digital Digestion

Protokoll B • Installation & Performance
Festival 48-h-Neukölln 2016

Met Film School

My collaboration with the Met Film School Berlin


with Jaap de Jonge in the villa Neue Hakeburg

Am Boden

A theatre play based on Maxim Gorki • Graduation at the theatre school Die Etage


Theatre Monologue in celebration of Arno Schmidt's 100th birthday