Am Boden

Am Boden
© Olaf Jelinski

A theatre play based on »The Lower Depths« by Maxim Gorky

In early summer 2015 I directed an adaptation of Maxim Gorky's »The Lower Depths« at the theatre school Die Etage in Berlin-Kreuzberg. An interesting re-encounter – 24 years previous to this one I played it myself, for my graduation at the Theatre School Arnhem, directed by the teacher with whom we started back in 1987, Peter Sonneveld …

Cast: Olivia Büschken, Sunna Hettinger, Marie Kitzmüller, Jakob Khoshbakht, Philipp Meyer, Josephine Röhnisch and Nazli Taleghani.

Premiere: September 4, 2015 in the theatre of the school Die Etage
More performances: BrotfabrikBühne Berlin, Theater Alte Feuerwache Bad Nauheim

Lots of thanks to Olaf Jelinski (camera) and William Lundahl (edit) for their cooperation in making the Trailer.



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Am Boden

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